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Here are some tutorials I hope will help explain how to build custom avatars for APS Luxor. It is possible to use models that were exported from Blender as .fbx, or a .prefab of a avatar can be used and built as a custom avatar using the APS_SDK.unityasset and the Unity editor. Briefly, after adding the .fbx to the Unity project; First import the .fbx into Unity and set the animation type to Humanoid, configure the bone mappings and apply. Add the .fbx to the Unity scene and select GameObject in the scene hierarchy. Then and from the APS_SDK dropdown file menu click on the option: "New APS_SDK (avatar)" to add a new APS_SDK component to the GameObject 's inspector. Lastly to create the actual avatar asset for Luxor click on the button "Build Avatar From .FBX" located in the inspector and the APS_SDK automation should generate a output folder (eg. avatar$wolf) folder that can then be copied to the VR_MocapAssets folder. The avatar should then be available in the avatar browser!

APS SDK Tutorial #1:

Rexouium Avatar Tutorial:

APS SDK Tutorial #3:

VRC Avatar Tutorial:

APS SDK Tutorail #2:

CC3 Avatar Tutorial:

APS SDK Tutorial #4:

Mixamo Avatar Tutorial:

APS SDK Tutorial #5:

Rocketbox Avatar Tutorial:

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