When creating animations for state machines it's sometimes important to record all clips centered at the origin. you can enable the room bounds visibility which displays the room origin marker. Allowing animators to record from the same start location!

VTuber Rooms

VTuber mode is a feature that allows players to easily create live-streams using custom avatars on the desktop overlays. When VTuber mode is enabled avatars and props appear as transparent overlays superimposed on the PC desktop.

VTuber Final.mp4

Desktop Controls

Motion capture interface and features:

Steam Workshop

Browse many assets including avatars, prop and worlds. Share alike. Find a perfect environment for your next motion capture project!

Facecap Dubbing

Avatar Damage

Capabilities of Mocap Fusion [VR]

Among the many features it is our pleasure to now offer direct Unity animation export capability! 

A feature we hope will be appreciated by many game developers and social VR enthusiasts!!

Artificial Intelligence 

Rigify AI horse! Using the standard horse rig with Neural Network balance and footstep control. 

Finger Tracking