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Mocap Fusion [VR] is an immersive roomscale VR motion capture sandbox for artists and animators who wish to create and export motion capture animations, or create live content, using conventional VR hardware. With as little as a single VR HMD and two controllers users may create mocap using their own custom avatars. Advanced users may create more detailed motion capture including full body tracking and can be combined with other sensors (eg. Apple iPhone Truedepth sensor and Meta Quest 2 optical finger tracking and Quest Pro face capture) to connect avatars to simultaneous inputs. This fusion of multiple sensor inputs can combine many layers of motion capture in a single take; including: full body tracking, face capture, lipsync, gaze tracking, optical finger tracking.

Target Audience

Compatible Headsets (VR HMDs)

Optional Tracking Hardware


The experience varies depending on the user's PC and the tracking hardware used. The recommended SteamVR headsets are the Valve Index or the HTC Vive. A Quest HMD may also produce reasonable results. It is possible to use the software without an HMD (eg. when livestreaming). Full body tracking is only available when using feet and hip trackers (and optional elbows, knees, chest). Users may achieve more realistic tracking results when using body trackers. Body trackers are optional and standing mocap is supported. Further realism my be achieved on compatible avatars by also enabling face capture or using a Vive Pro Eye for gaze and blink tracking.


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